We know you have a lot of choices in
educational assembly programs, so why host
America’s Educational Assembly Expert STEVE TAYLOR’S
kidequip” ?

Here are FOUR Reasons…

EXCELLENCE! Doesn’t your student body deserve the very best you can offer them? With over forty years of educational-performing experience, Steve Taylor has equipped thousands of students to be better young people from Maine to Maui. Your reputation is safe because hundreds of schools have used Steve with outstanding results. Steve’s audiences leave his appearances challenged and motivated to be better young people. Families at his Family Fun Nights leave feeling closer to one another because of Steve’s special encouraging motivational messages. Steve firmly believes that “The Family That Laughs Together, Stays Together!”

EXCEPTIONAL!One performer + Two entertaining talents = Double the Fun for Everyone! Just like “Certs,” where you get “two mints in one,” you get TWO performers-in-ONE with Steve Taylor. As both an award-winning magician and ventriloquist, Steve Taylor’s presentations employ both art forms, magic and ventriloquism, to entertain and clearly teach his character-building messages. Kids, from 4 to 104, love to laugh-while-they-learn, and with Steve Taylor, they do both. Whichever art form your audience enjoys, you can’t go wrong, because Steve brings both to your school event. Why schedule two performers, when Steve can do both?

EXPERIENCE!You’ll Be A Hero! You can be confident Steve’s appearance at your school will be a success for all involved! No other motivational speaker/entertainer has the forty plus years of track record Steve Taylor brings with him. Steve has educated in every major American city, in all 50 states, overseas, on national television, at Disneyland, and at countless national conventions, including several state-wide PTA conventions. PLUS, Steve has amazingly both performed and taught at the prestigious Magic Castle in Hollywood, the pinnacle of venues for professional magicians! Steve has always taken his comedy education very seriously!
EXPERTISE!“He knows of what he speaks!” Steve’s expertise as a family educator-entertainer has been endorsed by performing professionals worldwide! Steve has been generous with his talents, evidenced by his constant training of other performers across the world. For ten years, Steve wrote the Family Fun Forum column in the Society of American Magician’s monthly M.U.M. Magazine. Most of the educational performers teaching in the U.S. today have sat under the training of Steve Taylor. Steve’s instructional books, videos and workshops have all been best-sellers and Steve has been the keynote speaker at many professional performing and educational conferences around the country. His years of expertise in his field are evident in every one of Steve’s entertaining and educational presentations.


Therefore, you can rest assured that you are getting American’s best school-show professional when you host America’s Educational School-Show Expert, Steve Taylor’s “kidequip School Assembly Presentations THAT GET RESULTS! Plus, all of our assemblies are 100% money back guarantee for satisfaction. You LOVE IT or YOU DON’T PAY!





PLEASE NOTE:  I bring everything I need with me to perform at your school. You don’t have to supply a thing. Our program price is for the same presentation at the same school on the same day*. To optimize the educational experience for each and every student, please figure ONE performance for every 250 students, i.e. Schools with over 300 students need TWO performances, etc. The performances would then be split into lower grades (usually grades K to 2) and upper grades (grades 3 to 5 or 6). There is also an additional travel fee to areas B – D on the map to the right, please call or write for a personalized quotation (Area “A”; travel is included on the I-5 corridor between Seattle & Salem and out I-84 to The Dalles).

There are four ways to experience a kidequip Assembly at your school:

#1) Standard Package:

Two daytime performances of an educational assembly for your students.

#2) Deluxe Package:

One performance of a daytime educational assembly for your students, followed by an evening Family Fun Night for all the students and their families.

#3) Gold Package:

On the first evening, a presentation of “Using Humor To Harmonize Your Home” for only the parents of your students. On the following day, a daytime educational assembly for your students, followed in the evening by a Family Fun Night for everyone.

#4) Platinum Package:

On the first afternoon, a presentation of “The Magic of Creative Teaching” for your faculty/staff, followed in the evening by “Using Humor To Harmonize Your Home” for your parents only. On the following day, a daytime educational assembly for your students, followed in the evening by a Family Fun Night for everyone.

There is a travel fee added to areas “B” – “D” (on the above map), so please call for a personalized quote. Because we believe in customized service for each and every one of our clients, please call our toll-free number, 1-888-473-7869, 9am – 5pm Pacific time M-F, for an individualized price quote for any of the above packages.



# 1) Schedule an evening Family Fun Night (call for price quote) and receive one daytime P.E.P. Talk assembly FREE (daytime assembly must be performed the same day as evening performance).  Call us toll-free 1-888-473-7869.


# 2) Arrange for 3 other schools in your district/area to have a P.E.P. Talk Assembly on the same trip as yours and your school will receive your daytime assembly absolutely FREE! (single performance only).


# 3) Arrange 4 other schools to host kidequip and receive TWO daytime assembly performances (of the same program on the say day) at your school FREE!




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