Testimonials & Contact Information

“The students not only had a good time, but also remembered what you taught!” Rhonda Hoque, School Counselor

“The combination of education and entertainment worked well,
kept their attention while teaching.”

Lisa Yamaguchi

“Parents called the school with positive comments about your assembly”
Robert McAllister, Principal

“The best assemblies we have had in our school”
Sally Johnson, Principal

 “Your presentations were motivational and fun…We have adopted your ideas into our curriculum…We will continue to see the rewards of the foundation you laid for years to come”       
Ray Yoder, Superintendent, Green Mountain School District, Washington

“The perfect blend of education and entertainment”
CBS News

“…it was unanimous that your presentation was both entertaining and informative.  Thanks for the good time.”
Jim Sheldahl, Principal, Myrtle Creek Elementary School

“I have to say that in my twenty years of teaching, this was probably the best assembly that I’ve ever seen. It was developmentally appropriate for the age group (K-2) that I attended. His management skills were tremendous. He used humor to engage the kids.  It was truly entertaining & I know that all the adults appreciated the little jokes that went over the students’ heads!  Ventriloquism was a huge asset to this presentation. He was very knowledgeable & informative, in an entertaining, informative way.  I came away learning a bit about the Lewis & Clark Expedition myself! Thank you again for such a great presentation. 
 I hope to see you again in the future.”
Lynda Munro, Teacher, Cook School, McMinnville, Oregon

 “I’ve taught Lewis & Clark for 30 years. Your presentation was far superior to any textbook we’ve ever used!”
Fourth Grade Teacher, Oregon

“If history was this fun when I was in school,
I would have learned a lot more history!”
Parent of two elementary students


“The audience was laughing and literally rolling on the floor! I was a history minor in college, taught US history as a full-time teacher for 8 years and I've never seen a live educational program as fun and interesting as your Lewis & Clark show. I learned a lot and you still had the magic that makes the audience gasp
(even the adults!).”
Sara B. Simpkins, Librarian

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