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Steve Taylor’s Motivational Presentations (Currently Available for your Parents & Teachers)…


The Magic of                        Teaching


The Magic of Creative Teaching
Teacher Inservice on Creative TeachingTeachers need to laugh too! This motivational and inspiring PEP Talk recharges your educators and gives them a creative boost. Uncover their hidden creativity and enhance their desire to teach with excellence. Your staff will learn the Characteristics of Creative Teaching and discover proven techniques to boost their creative abilities. They will take part in hands-on and humorous creative teaching exercises. All this (and more) is covered in this fun and motivational workshop for professional educators. Experience the fun-filled teacher in-service that has been a hit from coast to coast! Call today for available dates!




People laughing as they learn to create harmony through humorHARMONIZING Your HOME Through HUMOR!

If you’re ready to take some conflict and stress out of your working or home environment, laugh along with Steve Taylor as he motivates, inspires and equips you to use comedy instead of conflict to make your relationships more harmonious.  Learn ten practical steps to turn your life from “frantic” to “fun.” Heal relationships, relieve stress, create memories and learn how to go crazy-for-fun as opposed to just go “crazy!”


“Loved your presentation! It provided helpful and fun suggestions for all my roles in life: mother, wife, PTA Secretary  and human being!”  Laura Rink, WA State PTA


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Steve Taylor

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PO Box 822002, Vancouver, Washington, 98682



                        “Thank you for the superb job you did as a Lead Instructor. The comments from participants have been overwhelming! They LOVED you! You are a fantastic instructor and your performance was outstanding!” Bruce Wall, Chairman, S.M.I.L.E. Conference, Arizona


                        “Steve demystified the somewhat intimidating subject by clearly defining the goals that should be met and the psychology involved to achieve those goals. He almost made it look easy. Steve Taylor is a multitalented, witty and charming professional that is not satisfied to rest on his reputation of being top in his field. An excellent workshop conducted by a top professional.” Tom Craven, I.B.M., California


                                “I just wanted to thank you for a wonderful time at the seminar. Thanks for holding NOTHING BACK. I learned so much.”
John Carlson, New York


                        “I wanted to write to specifically let you know how much I appreciate everything you do for my own development as a speaker. Your insights have proven to be invaluable to my business. My presentations are always measurably better after our time together. Thank you!”  Julian Franklin, Franklin Presentations, Texas


                        “Filled with information, experience and enthusiasm. Don't hesitate to participate in this seminar. It more than lives up to its promises."  Arthur Kurzweil, New Jersey


                        “I wanted to invest in my business. I learned more in those two days than I could have in the next four years of gathering a lot of the same information.”  Sharon Kinney, Kinney Educational Entertainment, California

                        “Steve Taylor is the man. He is one of the top in the country and I learned a ton from him. Very valuable.” Tim David, New Jersey

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