Seven Secrets Of Turning One-Time

Customers Into Life-Long Clients!


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“Possibly The Last Marketing Resource You Will Ever Need!”


· Not worrying about whether or not you can pay your bills

· Not being concerned about where your next show is coming from

· Not worrying about how you’re going to afford to put your kids through college

· Not having to take every show that comes along

· Taking your dream vacation without concern for cost

· Owning everything you want to own, and more

· Becoming competition-proof

· Your parents bragging to their friends about what you do for a living

· Clients meeting you at your car and hugging you

· Not making your spouse go out and get a job (AND your spouse not making YOU go out and get a “real” job!)


Take your business to the next plateau of success and enjoy unbridled peace of mind knowing you are set financially. Join Master Marketer STEVE TAYLOR as he uses his thirty-five plus years of self-marketing experience to show you how you can increase your business FIVE-FOLD without spending any more time or money. Over six hours of marketing instruction on five audio CD’s; advice and practical principles that you will use to take the guesswork out of your marketing, increase your high-paying bookings and enjoy life like you were meant to! It’s all here in Canoodle Marketing!


Highlights of the many topics that Steve covers;

· The Psychology of Successfully Selling Yourself

· Five Ways “Canoodling” is Different from All Other Marketing Programs
· Five Character Qualities of a Canoodler

· Understanding Your Client’s Cravings

· Power of First Contacts

· Ten Ways of Effectively Courting Your Clients

· Using Your Client’s Emotional Commitment Pyramid To Your Advantage

· Cultivating Your Clients For Life

· Eight Ways To Turn Customer Crisis Into Cash

· Why and How Emotional Copywriting Works Big!

· How Charging More Actually Gets You More Business

· Using Objections To Your Advantage

· Power and Profit of Packaging

· How Three Little Pieces of Paper Equal Huge Profits

· Plus Much, Much, More!


If you are ready to break free from the burden of marketing and have it start working FOR you instead of AGAINST you, then Steve Taylor’s BRAND NEW “Canoodle Marketing” is for you!  

Don’t worry, Canoodle Marketing is NOT about cold calling, shotgun mailings or performing a zillion small-paying shows. It IS about increasing the quality of your clients and working smarter, not harder! It’s about taking your marketing to the next level of success, to start making a comfortable LIVING from your performing.


If you’re thinking, “I’ve bought the other guy’s programs, I don’t need this,” realize that Canoodle Marketing is unlike anything already on the magic market. It is an original process developed personally by Steve Taylor over 35 years of self-booking and self-promotion. Most marketing programs end when you’ve booked the first show, but Canoodle Marketing is about turning that first time customer into a life-long client…and ultimately a life-long friend. One of the hardest things to do is to get that first show, one of the easiest is to get the second and third. Canoodle Marketing tells you exactly how to turn one show into a life-long stream of income. It focuses on your clients, on uplifting them and making them feel good about booking you over and over again. Timeless principles that work no matter what venue you are booking; birthday parties, daycares, libraries, schools, corporations, etc.            


Have you ever noticed that most marketing programs being advertised are from people you’ve never heard of? Canoodle Marketing is from trusted kid-show entertainer, authority, author and marketing consultant to the pros, Steve Taylor (creator of the Komedy Kidshow Klinic, the Creative Kidshow Conference, co-author of Creative Kid Talk, the Family Fun Forum in M.U.M. Magazine, the Komedy Kid-Show Kassettes and inventor of dozens of classic kidshow effects). In over six hours on five audio CD’s, Steve reveals the TRUE secrets that show you how to honestly spend less time and money on your marketing and still increase your business, secrets that Steve has used to book his calendar full for over 35 years! Steve’s putting his knowledge, experience and success to work for you.          

If you’re serious about your future success and you’re ready to make an INVESTMENT in your performing career, then ACT TODAY! Call toll-free right now, 1-888-473-7869. Your life-changing and career-boosting investment of $297.00 (or make 3 easy credit card payments of $99) in Canoodle Marketing will be the best money you will ever spend!


Since Canoodle Marketing will pay for itself with ONE additional booking, don’t ask yourself “Can I afford to buy them?,” ask yourself, “Can I afford NOT to buy them?”


PLUS! 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE: (For the Original Purchaser Only) If you follow the principles contained on these CD’s and your business doesn’t at least DOUBLE in two years, return the CD’s for a full refund of your purchase price!


When the performing pros need marketing help, who do they turn to? Steve Taylor!


"…a MUST OWN for every serious entertainer. I highly recommend Canoodle Marketing…"

                                                          Barry Mitchell, Creative Kidshow Magician & Author


“…a superb job…it's the best thing I've ever done to promote my shows…I am getting more shows than ever!”

                                                          David Ginn, Magician/Author/Lecturer


“First:  Let me just say that your new marketing course is a must have!  Through the years I have purchased many marketing courses…as I strongly believe that you can always learn something from everyone.  The problem however, with almost every course, is that they cover the same thing, the same thing, the same thing.  Your course goes where no-one else dares to to really book the shows and keep the customers coming back. 

“In my 20 years in the entertainment business (8 years full time), I thought I had uncovered almost everything there was to know about keeping myself booked crazy and so far I've done a good job of it.  However, I now must confess that you've shared ideas and suggestions that have never crossed my mind.  Looking back over the years and the amount of money I've spent on conventions, conferences and courses, I would have to say that the $297.00 price for Canoodle has been my best investment.   I've already listened to the course twice in the last 2 days and have a million thoughts and ideas running through my head.  Without a doubt, 2006 will be my best year ever thanks to the course.  Thanks for holding nothing back and offering a course that is totally different from others.  I hope you sell a million.  Wait a minute...NO I DON'T because I don't want others knowing the secrets of success that you have shared.”          Todd McKinney,, Hewitt, TX


“It's been about 6 months or more since I bought the Canoodle course from you and I hate to tell you this but it is not working as well as you claim it will.  It's working better!  I've already got several clients who have booked me on the spot for next year simply because of my change of attitude.   Your ideas and suggestions are beyond explanation!” An update from Todd McKinney,, Hewitt, TX


“…all I can say is WOW!  What a great philosophy—what great ideas!  Every working pro should have a set of these CDs, and you may quote me on that! THANK YOU!”                                     Rick Morse, Michigan


One additional booking will pay for the whole thing! So, if you’re finally ready to stop struggling and change your life, this investment in your future is only $297.00 and worth every penny! Guaranteed!
Call 1-888-473-7869 Today!

If you have any questions, comments or concerns about Canoodle Marketing, Please don’t hesitate to email Steve personally at and he’ll get back to you as soon as he can! ***AND, if you’re still not sure, send a $10 check to Steve Taylor at PO Box 822002, Vancouver, WA 98682 and receive a Sample CD with a 30-minute clip from Canoodle Marketing. If you end up ordering, Steve will deduct the $10 from your total AND send you a free gift along with your Canoodle Marketing course!









- MODULE “A” -

– Birthday party marketing -

Now Available!  A huge key to Canoodle Marketing is that you can’t market to one venue like you market to others. Every market has its’ idiosyncrasies and a smart and savvy performer will acknowledge these differences and use them to their marketing advantage! Therefore, Steve has created Modules CD’s that address each market and how to master that particular market with Canoodle Marketing. Module “A” CD’s contain all of the information you will need to make your birthday party business Go Ballistic! It takes Canoodle Marketing and directly applies it to the birthday party field. Based on Steve’s extensive experience, you will learn the secrets of becoming the number one birthday party performer in your area, plus learn how you can turn birthday party performing into a full-time living. That’s right, work three days a week and take four off! Steve’s principles are not based on theory, manipulation or cold calling, but based on his personal, practical experience of booking himself as a birthday party performer for over 25 years. If you own Steve’s lecture notes (now out of print), “Making Your Birthday Biz Go Ballistic,” these three CD’s update and expand that information 200%,  bringing it into the twenty-first century. You can’t market birthday parties today like you did five or ten years ago. Stop guessing and let Steve’s success work for you, call and order today!

Canoodle Marketing Modules are available to people who have purchased Steve Taylor’s “Canoodle Marketing” five CD set (see above) for the low, low price of only $47.00 per module (and may be purchased at the time of your “Canoodle Marketing” purchase or any time thereafter). If you have not purchased the Canoodle Marketing Course, you can buy any module for only $97.00.



- MODULE “B” -

library show marketing –

Now Available! – Module B’s additional CD contains all of the information you will need to create reading motivation shows and book them at libraries during their summer reading programs. Using the principles of Canoodle Marketing, jam-packed and chock full of practical information, Module B reveals the secrets Steve has learned in his thirty plus years of booking his summers full with library presentations. Much different than birthday party and school show marketing, Steve will reveal to you what librarians are looking for and how to win them over so that you are their first choice in summer reading programming. Steve is America’s number one authority on the library show market, having taught on the subject numerous times at Kidabra. Steve has practically “written the book” on library show creation and marketing. But since this “book” was never released to the general public, Steve has updated and recorded this information on these CD’s and is releasing them to you, the Canoodler, exclusively. With Steve’s secrets, you can dominate the library market in a very short time and fill up your summer calendar 110%. For the past sixteen years, Steve has booked over sixty library shows each summer and has had to turn down dozens more. Currently, he keeps a waiting list of libraries that want his show if one of his “regulars” doesn’t book. This is the kind of marketing success you will achieve if you allow Steve’s success to go to work for you. PLUS! You will receive a BONUS audio CD of Steve’s lecture at Kidabra, “Remarkable Reading Routines” and a BONUS DVD of Steve performing his “Buggy About Books” Library Show! Call and order today.

Canoodle Marketing Modules are available to people who have purchased Steve Taylor’s “Canoodle Marketing” five CD set (see above) for the low, low price of only $47.00 per module (and may be purchased at the time of your “Canoodle Marketing” purchase or any time thereafter). If you have not purchased the Canoodle Marketing Course, you can buy any module for only $97.00.



 - MODULE “C”-

educational school show marketing -

Now Available! – One of the most popular business-expanding career steps for the family performer is to add educational shows to their repertoire. The most obvious market for such shows is the school assembly arena. Steve has made his full-time living from this market for the past eighteen years and in these Module “C” CD’s he tells you how to apply his success to your career. Steve holds nothing back, everything he has learned to fill his school show calendar full is contained here. No stone is left unturned as Steve reveals what kind of educational show sells, who to contact, what to say, the most effective mailings, a proven contact schedule, the power of the repeat booking, school-brochure emotional copy writing, putting together teacher packets, booking Family Fun Nights, plus much, much, more! All of the insider information you will need to make your living from the educational school show market is here! These CD’s takes Canoodle Marketing principles and directly apply them to the school show market. Steve’s principles are not based on theory, manipulation or cold calling, but based on Steve’s practical experience of booking himself full-time in schools for over 20 years. When the performing pros need marketing help, to whom do they come? Steve Taylor! (See the above testimonials). Put the power and expertise of the Consultant-To-The-Pros to work for you! Call and order today!

Canoodle Marketing Modules are available to people who have purchased Steve Taylor’s “Canoodle Marketing” five CD set (see above) for the low, low price of only $47.00 per module (and may be purchased at the time of your “Canoodle Marketing” purchase or any time thereafter). If you have not purchased the Canoodle Marketing Course, you can buy any module for only $97.00.


Please add 15% to all prices for U.S. Shipping/Handling on the below merchandise.






   Many years ago, I released onto the market my pro-reading effect called “Air Head Rudy.” It’s been a sensation ever since. Heralded by some as “…the world’s best version of ‘Forgetful Freddie…” and others as “…the best educational magic effect ever!” Air-Head Rudy has taken its’ place as an all-time kidshow classic!

            I now have the privilege of releasing on the market another effect that I believe is a strong as “Air – Head Rudy!” It’s called “Who’s The Greatest Super Hero?”

IMAGINE…You state to your audience that you are going to end the debate about who is the “Greatest Super Hero” once and for all! You get four helpers up from the audience and each gets a giant size card (each card is huge, 11” by 16”, printed in full color on strong board and laminated for life-long use. See above and below pictures). As they hold each card against their chest, with its’ back toward the audience, you announce that you have a prediction of which Super Hero the audience will select as “The Greatest!” But you need someone honest and trustworthy to hold it, so you have the school principal (or librarian, or pastor, or parent, or any adult in the group you want to feature) join you on stage to hold your prediction securely in a manilla envelope. One by one, you give hints to the audience and let them guess which four “Super Heroes” are printed on the four cards. As each is guessed, your helper turns the card around to face the audience. Once all four are showing, you dress each helper up as the “side kick” to their Super Hero.

            But wait! The principal is left out, he doesn’t have a costume! So, since he’s holding a huge envelope with your prediction AND he’s honest, kind and trustworthy, you dress him as “Manilla Envelope Man!” and you show and tie two 18” blue silks together and place them around his neck like a boy scout kerchief! (See above picture).

            Next, the audience gets to select which “Super Hero” isn’t so “super,” and one by one the audience selects kids to sit down, until one is left standing. Let’s say they have left “Batty Man” remaining on the stage as the “World’s Greatest!” Now, it’s time to reveal your prediction! Did you accurately predict that the audience would select “Batty Man” as the all-time “World’s Greatest Super Hero”? The principal removes your prediction from the envelope and the audience does indeed see another picture of “Batty Man!” You were right! You are brilliant! You start to take your bows…

            But wait! The “Batty Man” prediction has a red circle through the picture and it says “Turn Around.” So you turn around! “No,” the kids yell, “The card!” “So Batty Man ISN’T the World’s Greatest?” you ask, “Then WHO is?” So you turn the card around and the back says “World’s Greatest Super Hero” with an arrow pointing right up at the principal! “Wait! The PRINCIPAL is the World’s Greatest Super Hero?? Ah, yes! Because the principal helps us learn, keeps our school safe for us, hires fantastic teachers who grow our minds and our hearts, etc., etc.”

            And to PROVE that the principal is the “World’s Greatest Super Hero,” you have the principal turn around and he is now suddenly wearing a bright red super hero cape with a big yellow “H” on it! “Look everyone what our principal has been hiding underneath his clothes! A Super Hero cape! He truly is ‘The World’s Greatest Super Hero,’ let’s give him a huge round of applause!!”

            As you can see, a funny and fantastic routine that is a lot of fun, uses lots of audience participation and teaches the important message that the TRUE Super Heroes in the world are all around us, we just have to stop and appreciate how they all make our lives better!

            Imagine how the person who hired you (the principal, pastor, teacher, librarian, parent, etc.) will feel when you make them the STAR and HERO of your show! Imagine how they will feel about YOU for featuring them in front of everyone as the true Super HERO! Like Air-Head Rudy, this effect will be a hit with all the kids, parents, teachers, and adults. And guess who they will have back time and time again! You!

The effect comes with the FIVE huge full-color cards, the two 18” pure blue silks, the 18” X 36” specially printed Super Hero pure silk cape, the manilla envelope, the four “side kick” costumes and my full, audience-tested, audience-pleasing, hero-making routine!

A reputation maker! A feel-good funny routine! A magical good time! All this for only $129.00


“‘Who’s The Greatest Super Hero?’ is a great routine that’s practical for sooo many venues!!  I got to try it out at a birthday party and WOW what fun it really is!  There was a child that chose ‘Supperman,’ yet when he chose it he said he wanted ‘DinnerMan.’ Thanks so much!” Robert Long



Birth Day Suit!Another Steve Taylor Exclusive! Another SELL-OUT at Kidabra and at the MAES Convention!

Along comes “Birth Day Suit,” a new twist on the classic “Out To Lunch” effect, but with a secret motive!

            Imagine you are sitting around with your new client, the person who booked you. You then ask your client if he will do you “a little, easy favor?” You tell him that you’ve been working on a new little effect and would love to do it for him, if he’ll tell you what he thinks of it! Of course, he says “sure!”

            You pull out of your pocket a stack of little business-card-sized pictures of a newspaper, without a headline, lead picture or date (see picture to the left). You tell him, “I’m going to try and guess the headline on the day you were born,” so you have him write his birthday in the bottom of the newspaper in a blank space. You turn over the stack and remove the card he wrote on. Then you write your prediction on the blank back of the card, “World’s Cutest Baby Born!” You hand it back to him, he laughs, and then you invite him to turn the newspaper card back over and when he does, that exact headline has appeared on the card with a very funny baby picture (see picture). He laughs again! You let him keep the card as a souvenir! He loves it!

            But, most importantly, without him noticing, you now have HIS BIRTHDAY! And like a good “Canoodle Marketer,” (see above) you add him to your birthday database and send him a birthday card and gift on his birthday! AND HE’S BLOWN AWAY! He can’t remember HOW you ever found out his birthday! But he appreciates your acknowledgment of his birthday and the next time in his life he has to hire a performer, YOU’RE IT!

            PLUS! The card has four other funny headlines on it like “Dough Boy Dies,” etc. So you point to the headline and say “Did you hear? The Pillsbury Dough Boy died…of a severe yeast infection!” More laughs and more good will!

            Birth Day Suit comes with my full routine, two gimmicks and enough cards to do the effect 50 times!
All this for only $20.00! Make your clients LOVE YOU by ordering “Birth Day Suit” today!


DADDY WON'T PLAY Newspaper TearFor years I have heard performers tell the story of the father who doesn’t want to leave his TV show and teach his son to play baseball, so he rips up a picture of the Earth and tells his son that when he has it pieced back together again, he’ll play baseball with him. Within minutes the son is back with it pieced together. Surprised, the father asks, “How did you do that so quickly?” And his son answers, “It was easy, daddy, on the other side of the world was a picture of a family. Once I got the family put together right, the world just fell into place!”

I always wondered why the performer didn’t do a newspaper tear to go along with the story? I thought, “Probably because he doesn’t have a newspaper with the Earth on one side and a picture of a family on the other!” So I made one! Check out the newspaper to the right. Specially printed in full color and available only from Steve Taylor Products! To the audience, it appears just like the latest issue of a national newspaper, but inside, exactly opposite the full-color Earth picture, is a photograph of a modern American family! Now you can perform a newspaper tear AND tell the above important story at the same time!

Use your favorite newspaper tear (personally, I use Tony Steven’s No Tear Newspaper Tear, because I can reuse the restoration page for dozens of shows and it resets in three minutes, see below), but if you’re a Gene Anderson newspaper-tear kind of guy, with a little glue and effort, this fake newspaper will work great for you too!

PLUS! Like Birth Day Suit above, the front of the paper has funny headlines that you can make jokes about (I use the same sheet of newspaper for my Mutilated Parasol routine and read all of the jokes to the audience, i.e. “Toilet Stolen From Police Station, Police Have Nothing To Go On…”)…AND, all of the stories in the fake newspaper are OTHER inspirational/motivational stories and routines that you can learn and use in other shows (this fake newspaper actually served as my lecture notes for my “Awespirational Magic Lecture” at Kidabra in 2005!)

If you like inspirational magic that touches the hearts of your audience, you MUST add “Daddy Won’t Play” Newspaper Tear to your show today!

REFILL PACKAGE - Comes with enough newspaper sheets to perform 40 shows, all for only $20.00

Tony Steven’s great “No Tear Newspaper Tear Gimmick/Instructions” (for use with these sheets) an additional $35.00

-OR- Get BOTH the No Tear Gimmick/Instructions AND one Refill Package for only $45.00 (a savings of $10.00!)


Please add 15% to all prices for U.S. Shipping/Handling



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